Leslie Nicole Photographic Art | FAQS


Log In To Order

I highly recommend logging in with the Free Zenfolio account to place your orders. You can log in either at the very bottom right of the site page or when you place your order, choose the "Check Out Now" button instead of the Paypal button. (You'll still be able to buy with Paypal.)

Texture Resolution: Most are 5184 x 3456 at 300 dpi (ppi)

You can check file sizes in the Info box in the right hand column.

Textures are offered as:

  1. Individual Downloads at $2.50 each. (A rock-bottom price! Compare to $20–$40 each on stock agencies, $6 in other texture vaults)
  2. 10 Texture Pack for $17.50: A 30% savings = 1.75 per texture.
  3. 20 Texture Pack for $30.00: A 40% savings = 1.50 per texture.
  4. 30 Texture Packs for $40.00: A 48% savings = 1.33 per texture.
  5. 40 Texture Pack for $48.00: A 52% savings = 1.20 per texture.

Tip: If you are buying 7 or more textures, your best bet is a package.

Need Help understanding the Textures ordering process?

I've created this video to help you out:


A Summary Of The Video

How To Buy

There are several different areas to buy from.

  1. The shopping cart buy menu in the top right area
  2. Above the texture
  3. A fly out menu at the side of the big previews (hover your mouse over the left side of a big preview)

When to Select Your Package

  1. You can either immediately select a package you want by choosing that from the Featured Products or Buy Menus.
  2. You can also browse and select textures and Save For Purchasing Later under the Buy Menus. You'll then be able to review and edit your selections and choose which product option to use (individual downloads or packages.)

A Few Tips For Ordering Packages

  1. You can save your pack to the cart even if you haven't chosen all your textures yet. You won't be able to check out until your pack is full, so you won't make any mistakes.
  2. Edit your pack at any time, even from your shopping cart before check-out.

Misc. Tips

A few tips to make things easier for you.

  1. When you select the Buy Menus, Select Product refers to how you are buying the texture. Select either the High Resolution Textures to purchase individual textures or select a Package.
  2. Ignore the Download button above the texture. This is for authorized password downloads for people who help me test the textures.
  3. If you have a Coupon or Gift Certificate, you will use it at the end of the check out. Don't forget to hit APPLY!


It's the nature of the internet that occasionally things go wonky. If you experience trouble completing your order:

  1. Try to clear the history, cache and cookies in your browser and restart your browser. (See your browser's Help if you need to.)
  2. If that doesn't work, contact Zenfolio Customer Service. They make order fulfillment a priority.
  3. Feel free to contact me as well as I like to know if there is a problem, but I won't be able to help with the technical side of the ordering.